Cellular Jail

Being declared as the national memorial this is the most sought destination of the islands. The must watch which will bring the saga and of all the struggles of our freedom fighters come alive. They are very much alive as you read and when you visit it. The light and sound show will give you the actual feel all the atrocities our fighters have gone through to get us the freedom that we cherish.

Gandhi Park

It is a small and beautiful park with kid rides, the garden is been seriously thought off and makes it apt as a children park. The center of the park is a small lake where there are few water activities to enjoy. The lake is surrounded by a trail where you can go on for a walk. The park holds the historic remains of a japanese temple and a war bunker.

Carbyn's Cove

The only beach with in the city parameters and one of the most visited place not only for visitors but for the locals also. You can have a swim in the beach and can also do some water activities like jet ski and speed boat ride. There is a small island in the front, the peculiarity of which is just a tree been called snake islands.

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

Within the city parameters few meters away from cellular jail, this is the place from where you get the ferry for ross islands, north bay and viper islands. One can enjoy water activities like jet ski, speed boats etc. Here. The complex is also associated with a park which can be explored by visitors.

Wandoor Beach

A magnificent beach around 25 kilometers away from the capital is very famous for people taking back memories on a click. The big trees on the side of the white sandy beach with clear water makes the place apt for photo shoots. The beach is been featured in many south Indian films.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Jolly Buoy And Red Skin Island

The marine park comprises of 17 islands. The tourism activities are only allowed in two of the islands called jolly buoy and red skin. It a coral paradise and people who are looking for the rich diversity of the Andaman waters will feel they are just there when visiting these islands. There are daily departure to any one of the islands at a time and people are only allowed after they get a valid permit from the forest department.

Chidiyatapu Beach

This beach is known for its sunset. It takes around 30 km from the city to witness one of the best sunset they can see in their life time. The place also holds a beautiful but small beach which can be cherished by you. A trek of around 1 hour will take you munda mahad the end point of the island. This is the top of the hill from where you can the see islands on other side perfectly.

Ross Islands Also Known As Subhash Chandra Bose Island

This island is 10 minutes away on a boat from rajiv gandhi water sports complex. The island was the capital of the islands when the british ruled the islands. It was also said the paris of the east. The island has faced bombarding while the japanese invaded the islands and stood as the

North Bay

The islands is also known as coral islands. This islands is the closest destination from Port Blair where a guest can see the pulsating under water marine life of the islands. The place is also famous for various water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walk, paragliding, glass bottom boat. The popularity of the destination can be imbibed by finding it on the back of the 20 rupee note.

Viper Island

The first settlement of the British was in this islands and later on it was moved to Ross islands. It's a tiny islands which has got the name of viper because of the ship wreck near it called viper. The islands has old bunkers, jail and a gallows which is the major attraction in the islands.

Mount Harriet

Located 58 km by road from Port Blair and 16 km by ferry, it is 365 meters high and is the highest peak in south Andaman. With beautiful views from the hill top it had served as the summer headquarters for the British. The place is also famous for trekking on raw man made trail making it much more adventurous.

Havelock (Swaraj Deep)

In December 2018, it was renamed as Swaraj island as a tribute to Subhas Chandra Bose. Bose had hoisted the Indian flag at Port Blair on 30 December 1943 and proclaimed the Andaman and Nicobar islands as territories liberated from British rule. He had subsequently named Andaman island as Shaheed and Nicobar island as Swaraj. Radhanagar beach on the western coast, also known as number 7 beach, is one of the most popular beaches on havelock and was named "Best beach in Asia" by time in 2004. The island also comprises of beaches which include elephant beach on the northwest coast famous for for the underwater marine life, vijay nagar beach (no. 5), beach no. 3 and beach no. 1 on the east coast. Kalapathar is another famous beach. The islands is has soe of the best dive shops in and around the world with highly trained professionals.

Neil (Shaheed Deep)

In December 2018, it was renamed as shaheed island as a tribute to Subhas Chandra Bose. Bose had hoisted the Indian flag at Port Blair on 30 December 1943 and proclaimed the Andaman and Nicobar islands as territories liberated form British rule. He had subsequently named Andaman island as Shaheed and Nicobar island as Swaraj. There is a jetty at Neil Kendra, which serves as the only access point of the island. There are regular government ferry from Port Blair to Neil island. The islands comprises of one the most beautiful and virgin beaches like Bharatpur, Lakshanmanpur and Sitapur.


This place can be reached travelling for 2 hours and 30 minutes by road via a tribal reserve forest. The administration is looking forward to open sea route making it easier for the visitors to visit the place. The two major place of interest is mud volcano which can be reached by a 15 minutes jeep ride and lime stone cave which can be reached by a 40 minutes fiber boat ride. It is also been said that the mangrove creek taking people to lime stone cave is the best of the lot.

Cinque Island

The island is divided into north Cinque and south Cinque, which are connected together by a sandbar giving the whole island a spectacular look and heaven for the honeymooners. The islands are rated as one of the most beautiful islands in Andaman's. It has clear emerald water with a visibility of up to 80 feet. The water life around the islands is said to be extremely vivid and colorful. It a good place for snorkeling, swimming etc. The island can only reached with prior permission from the forest department and chartered vessel.

Barren Islands

One of nature's greatest acts is at Barren island. One can reach the islands by taking a chartered boat. This is only active volcano of India and south east Asia. The volcano has been recently active. Although you are not allowed o step on the islands but one have dive expeditions or even just having a look at the nature fury itself is an experience altogether. The island has few endemic species found only in this island.

Long Island

It's a paradise for those who want to be away from the population. Beautiful beaches and sea make the place ideal for snorkeling, sun basking and surfing. One can camp in this place based on the permission taken. Accommodation facilities are available at the government guest house.


The island is the largest town of north Andaman island,to reach there one need to cross Kolpog river the only river of the Andaman islands.

Ross Island And Smith Islands

The twin islands can be reached by a 20-minute boat ride from aerial bay jetty, is an ideal spot for beach tourism, adventure (trekking through tropical forest), and research. The sand bar joining this island with the larger smith island is an added attraction.

Kalipur Beach

A beach with the combination of sand and rock shores and a fishing village nearby. Lamiya bay is quite near the kalipur beach. Kalipur adventure sports complex, near kalipur beach offers water adventure sports such as speed boats, water scooters etc. Lamiya bay beach (or locally lemiyar bay) borders the saddle peak national park | national parks |. This beautiful beach has a stretch of shore covered with shells. At the end of this walk is a refreshing fresh water stream 'thambu nali' in the foothills of national park.

Saddle Peak National Park

Is a dense tropical forest housing a rich bank of exquisite trees, (including sandal), rare flora and wild fruits and offering trekking opportunities including climbing up natural steps formed by the roofs of old trees. Tourists need to take permission from forest department to trek through this park. A 740 feet climb leads to saddle peak, the highest point in a&n islands which offers an aerial view of A&N, the second peak "Ice degree peak" is the coldest point while the third peak provides a fantastic view spanning Diglipur to Mayabunder.


Rangat falls in Middle Andaman with pristine beaches, waterfalls, and interesting islands. Fisheries and cultivation are the two primary occupations of people in this island. Once you can go to, Amkunj Beach, Moricedera, Dhanninallah Mangrove Nature Walk Way, Yerrata Mangrove Park and Yerrata Creek, Cutbert Bay Beach and Panchavati Hills


It was settled in the British colonial period by immigrants from Myanmar and ex-convicts from mainland India. From Mayabunder one can take of for several tourist attractions, such as mangrove lined tidal creeks, the beach at Avis island (30 minutes by boat), and Karamatang beach (13 km), a sea turtle nesting ground.

Little Andaman Islands

The island is one of the largest islands in Andaman and Nicobar islands. They are not frequently discovered by the tourist, but the pristine beaches, waterfalls and privacy is something which is unmatched. The islands is also a favorite spot for surfers who travel to the islands for surfing purpose.